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It has been a hell of a week so far one of my daughters got most unwell and ended up in hospital so my place was of course by her side as I watched with a dawning horror the barrage of tests they put the poor kid through and my God a couple of them were invasive. She was strong and handled it all well now hopefully she is on the mend as all of the nasty things they thought she may have have been ruled out which is a relief but there is nothing worse than looking at your own child lying sick in a hospital bed wishing it was you instead. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the staff at Kettering General Hospital who treated her in such a great way honestly folks you would not have got better treatment if you had paid for it privately and to all those who knock our NHS in my opinion you are wrong because they have been superb!

So with all of that over a few sleepless days and then a training day away with work it has been an exhausting week so this morning as I lay there in bed proving to myself yet again that the days of lie ins are far behind me the fact that the new carb had arrived for the Landy and needed fitting. I snuck out of bed got dressed and took my first cup of tea outside with me to have a look at what lay ahead…

Air was being sucked in somewhere so out with the old for a complete replacement. Much to my surprise it all come off easily from detaching the choke cable and throttle linkage to removing the two nuts that held the carb in place. As I stood there in amazement that I had only had a sip of my tea and it was still hot showing how quickly the old carb had come of I dug the new carb out of it’s packaging and set to fixing it into place…

Again everything slipped back into place easily and I set up the carb roughly by turning the mixture screw all the way in first until it stopped then turned it anticlockwise 1 1/2 to 2 turns out. Then I primed the carb up by pumping the fuel pump a few times and gingerly turned the ignition key thinking there was no way it would be that easy…it was! The engine fired straight up so with a smirk I let it warm through and run up to temperature.

As I stood next to the engine I could hear air being sucked in somewhere on the carb but it still ran far better than the old carb did. So I looked around and saw that the air pipe on my Landy fitted below the carb on the manifold rather than on the carb itself like it should do and a quick look at the old carb showed that the air inlet had been welded up on it so I turned off the engine and set to getting some old fuel pipe attached to the new carb air inlet which I folded over on itself creating a seal that can easily be removed if needed.

With that sorted and teh engine ticking over again I set to giving it a few tweaks to set the carb right but do you know when you have been trying fix something for so long you start hearing extra noises and it never sounds quite right…well I got there so I did the only sensible thing I could I turned it off and walked away from it for a while. I have a friend coming over next week to have a listen and drive just to have an extra set of ears on it because I think it is probably fine but sometimes you just need someone to tell you you are a pratt and confirm it.

Another point to make here is that I have decided I want a Discovery as my next project. Now I am on no rush for it but I will be looking and I may just may put Mator up for sale if and when I am ready to get a Disco. My reasoning behind thie is two fold. Firstly I have loved the rebuild it has been great fun and I want to go around again for another go and secondly we are going to be moving into Derbyshire next year and there will be times when riding the motorbike to work just wont cut it in snow and ice so a Disco would be better to use than Mator seeing as he would cost a small fortune to do the 40 -50 mile daily commute with the petrol engine as well as reliability issues.

Before you all start shouting “Keep them both” I cannot afford to run two of them and before you now shout “stick a 200tdi in” I wont do that it is more or less military 24v standard and if someone wanted to put it back they would just need to change the wheels seats and chuck the radio gear back in place. That and these old Military Series 3’s are getting harder to find.

SO a good mornings work and the next job on the list will be seeing if I can (don’t laugh) stop the slight leak from the gearbox providing no one ends up in hospital work don’t send me miles away and the rain holds off.

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