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The paperwork for Mator’s first registration has been back with the DVLA for the second time for two weeks now. I have been stressing worrying driving myself around in circles tying myself up in knots creating scenarios that it would be sent back to me rejected again even though I have done everything the DVLA has asked.

I suppose I should explain what they did ask for after the first rejection. I was dumbfounded when it was returned rejected as I had sent everything that was requested but now the person dealing with my request had decided that I needed to send in the original MOD paperwork from when it was demobbed as well.

17 years have since passed since its demob so that paperwork doesn’t exist any more so I called in a state of anxious worry the next morning to be told by the same team that this was not needed seeing as it had been sat around in a field for that time so could I send it all back with a covering letter and “whatever else you have for it”.

I explained I had the MERLIN report showing all relevant MOD details and they were over the moon about that so I dully sent it all off the very next morning.

Well today the insurance company that gave me 60 days to get the registration sent a snotty email wanting it within 14 days so my worrying mind couldn’t take the suspense any more so I called DVLA direct again today to see what was happening because the cheque we sent in to pay for the tax etc still had not been cashed. After being asked a minefield of questions determining the time and consistency of my last poo the lovely lady told me that yes it has all been approved and your Land Rover now has a registration number.

I was over the moon and even better she gave me the Registration over the phone because they are now allowed to do that so I could tell the insurance company. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and my Land Rover is now mine because I can drive it around for at least five miles before it breaks down but I don’t care because I will just fix it and do it all again!

When I arrived home even more good news in that the V5 was sat there on the coffee table as well so I can go straight out on Saturday morning and get the number plates made up!

This really is the point where it all feels complete that the months of hard work sorting out the MOT and then the worrying myself daft for a fortnight over something I could not control was really worth it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t recommend being a worrying pillock like me because it is pointless and I know that but it does not stop me from doing it though over the stupid things but the opposite side of it is the high you get when it all comes together.

Man it feels so good to have built something like this and of course a logbook that states my Landy has had no previous keepers 😉

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