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No news on the registration but hopefully that’s good in itself but the brake lights have been playing up again. They were sticking on then turning off then not working at all but after being parked up so long I have been lucky the rest of the electrics are playing nice.

I checked connections all the way through the lines they were fine as well as the power from front to back so I thought it must be the relay then seeing as it looks a little rusty. I just happened to have one in a box at the back of the shed amongst a box full of 24v spares I got months ago so I took the light box apart and found that just popping the relay out was not going to be that straight forward…of course not it is my old landy…

See that relay at the back the one that could not possibly be more awkward to get to to remove if it had two bolts on the inside among the wiring to remove to get it out…oh yea it did have two bolts on the inside among the wiring to get it off and I had to twist and bend to get my fat fingers in place then just as I was contorting in a position worthy of the karma sutra there was a rip as the backside of my babygrow gave out under the strain of my ass trying to escape from it.

With a jump on my part at the noise the sudden cold and worry it was the seat I had broken my hand slipped and I jammed my fingers down onto the back of the six way switch stabbed myself in the hand with a screwdriver then sat down with a bump so as not to frighten any passing pedestrians.

By now I was getting a bit peeved but I nearly had the bugger out, the relay not my ass, and it was soon swapped over with the replacement. This made no difference at all to the performance of the brake lights so I got out a replacement switch and popped it in place on the back of the servo. Now they worked again just fine but this is how the other two were and they didn’t last long but upon advice from those who know better than me on such electrical matters I have ordered a decent make replacement switch ready for when this one burns out along with a new babygrow before I ruin all of my clothes again.

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