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I have been shunting now for months at the head quarters of a very large well known pharmaceutical company over a site the size of a large village. Oh I best explain that “Shunting” is moving trailers around site dock to dock driving all day but going nowhere slowly losing the will to live doing a job that a trained monkey could do but the hours are good and the money better so I turn off and carry on.

Anyway I keep seeing this young couple walking to and from their shifts onsite holding hands happily chatting obviously in heady love wearing high viz jackets and bobble hats. Do you remember that feeling? the one where you are so happy to see each other that all you want to do is have at least some part of your body touching to get that physical connection that security that even though you doubt who and what you are someone else sees something so epically good in you they want to stay by your side for always…or it could be the endless sex that only comes at the start of something new while you find out each others truths through the lies or omission’s you tell when you first meet someone new.

No I have not gone soft something good can come from these young relationships and the reason most of us now jeer at them now is because we miss that intensity of something new but it takes age and time to appreciate how a relationship can develop into something more than just intensity but to you two if by some reason you ever come across this nonsense I write I hope you stay happy the pair of you bring a smile to my face when I see you holding hands in all weathers walking to and from work. I hope time brings you both into something more…

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