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Well I made right royal arse out of myself and it was online where everybody can now see for ever or until the human race dies out whichever comes first.

Now you see I was clearing out my sheds and I cam e across an old 24v-12v dropper I forgot I had bought as part of a job lot and this is a good turn of events as I needed to buy one for my new CB that Wifey bought me for Christmas. I took a quick look at it and its three wires and wondered to myself what wire did what so a quick photo on my mobile and it was uploaded online with exactly that question…..

But being a busy chap I failed to see what was right in front of my face that being the printed instructions on the sticker that is on the dropper that everyone and hos mate saw before me and quite rightly then proceeded to take the micheal out of my utter stupidity. I started to blame my eyesight but in writing the sentence started l laughing at myself and realised I wouldn’t buy that so why would anyone else? Sometimes you just have to admit you are a tool it is just far easier than digging yourself a grave!

Now then seeing as that embarrassment is done with I had a day off all to myself today and decided to change over the gearbox mounts because in all fairness the old ones were looking a little bit ropey at best. Shouldn’t take long that eh? What an h our max just support the gearbox whip the old ones off one side at a time and drop in the new ones.

Yea right why do I still think these things you would have thought I would have learnt better by now…

The nearside first and as you can see once I jacked it up a touch the mount broke up so it really needed doing. Could I get a socket or a spanner in anywhere near the rubber mount nuts either end no no I could not so no worries I thought I will just drop off the whole bracket instead. The bottom one came off fine but the bracket attached to the gearbox fought me for nearly two hours with seized nuts locking nut flaps in unreachable spots and the exhaust thought it would be just a bot funny to be in the way as much as possible especially at the angle where I needed to put a spanner.

I muttered and groaned swore under my breath and fought on…it fought back at every turn the fact it was freezing cold really helped out each time I slipped and banged a hand against metal but I won in the end. The rubber mount was now in two bits still attached to each bracket but I was done with being nice so out came my favourite bosh it tool the grinder. Within two minutes the brackets were clear and even though it was a bit of a pig to put back on it went on easily enough compared to getting it off.

Now at this point I was thinking to myself that I was bloody cold and maybe the offside mount would be ok really and wouldn’t need doing…obviously it did so with gusto I had to muster from the depths I set to getting the old one off. It came off easily on all bolts too easily I mean its an old Land Rover there was going to have to be a price because there always is…

I looked around and was happy to find the new mount sat there with new bolts just wanting to be fitted. Nothing bad seemed to be lurking about I could even account for all of my tools so I set to apprehensively putting it back together…then the snow started.

I kid you not whatever forces are at work in this world do like having a laugh with me I must be like their personal play thing and not in a good way! I lay there underneath the Landy wondering why my legs were starting to feel really cold then I looked outwards and started to chuckle to myself because there was nothing to be doe at this point at the blizzard that descended in a matter of minutes. Still the mount had to be fitted as I didn’t want to leave the gearbox balancing on a jack all night so I spent ten more minutes with my legs sticking out from underneath the motor slowly turning white.

Mounts done and me feeling happy it was all over I threw my tools in my shed noted to myself the damned white stuff really was settling and went on for some lunch. I came out an hour later after warming through to post some parcels and all of the snow had gone but after a cold morning lying on concrete I decided enough is enough for one day and I will tackle the electrical issue I have at the weekend.

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