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You have got to love a long weekend off. Turn away now if you wish because I would just like to point out I am into day two of a four day weekend and boy do I need it! Nothing like some down time to kick back and relax… Yea right like I would ever just kick back and relax but I am enjoying just pottering around doing as I please more or less.

After a lazy start with tea in bed then a big fat sausage cob Wifey and I pottered along a riverside before getting home and me deciding that now would be a good time to sort out the sheds and greenhouse seeing as I am getting to saturation point of junk spares and clutter that most of I don’t really need.

All I managed was the greenhouse and shed one before the light gave out but I am now the proud owner of one pile of junk to go to the dump and another pile to Ebay off so three guesses what I will be doing this evening!

The best part of the day though was when my youngest daughter decided to tell me that a good friend had dropped me off an old Land Rover badge for Mator five hours after he had done so and three hours after I had got in. Bloody teenagers when I asked where it was she just looked at me like I was stupid and said “On the dining room table” as if this was the most obvious place for something to be left as well as the first and only place I would look when arriving home “just in case” something had arrived. Still I am pleased as punch with it and it looks like the old motor is properly dressed now it is on…

Still a couple of bits I would like to fit in around everything else this weekend but whether I get the chance will be another thing….

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