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Well the day started off with a visit to the Dentists. I don’t like Dentists I know they have a hard job staring into peoples sometimes stinky mouths all day but I am pretty sure mine is a bit of a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain in fact I am pretty sure the only reason he wears a mask is so you cannot see him smiling.

He told me that “This might have a hot spot here and there” as it felt like he was cutting my gums off with a blunt knife…you have gotta love having a deep clean. I am not a small man and most of the time I face the worlds problems head on not fearlessly but with a determination to get through and past them but stick me in a Dentists chair and I am five year old who just wants his Mummy! Still that was soon over and the next problem of the day had to be sorted.

First stop was the DVLA call about the rejected application for my Land Rover…Well all I am going to say at this point is always put a covering letter in with your application it just may save you some time worry and heartache. I have returned some forms to them and I will write up exactly what next week because I am doubtful that it is all they will want so watch this space.

Then it was the turn of the Tax Man this was not a call I was looking forward to either because they wanted me to contact them about the monies owing on the Land Rover. How a Landy from the MOD could owe Import Duty and VAT was beyond me so I picked up the phone and with my stomach turning butterflies I dialled them.

I would like to point out at this point I had spent most of the night tossing and turning had taken a visit to the dentist for some torture and just dealt with the DVLA my God I didn’t want to make a call that would cost me more cash I didn’t have for a car that I cannot drive but hell it just had to be done. So with a deep breath I gave the reference number and waited for my pants to be pulled down.

Ever had one of those experiences that when they are over you blink to yourself in pleasant surprise and the day just feels a little better? Well I had that today with of all people the Tax Man. Turns out that they had entered the landy in as a brand new vehicle and had since realised their mistake and rectified it and another letter is in the post explaining this. They also apologised…yes that’s right the Tax Man said sorry for the cock up and I hope it hasn’t caused you too much worry! So fingers crossed as that bit is now done and dusted that the next DVLA instalment isn’t too painful either.

With all of that over I went out to potter around on Mator as there were a few little bits wanting doing. I started by fitting his new spare wheel cover…

I am pretty sure they have sent the wrong size out as it seems a couple of inches too small so looks a bit rubbish really. It can stay on for now though to help keep the winter off of the padlock keeping the wheel in place.

At the MOT I noticed the spring on the drivers side window wiper arm wasn’t that good so I treated myself to a pair of new wiper arms…

At least I should now be able to see out of a bit of the window in the rain! I then fired up the old boy so he could warm through a touch and to just hear the engine run while I tackled the steering wheel. It sat at the vertical instead of the horizontal to and from the MOT annoying the hell out of me so I popped off the center cap…

Undid the nut and turned it around to sit the right way up…

By now the engine had warmed up nicely so I thought I might have a bash at improving the carb mixture as it was running very lean on the MOT test and did feel a little underpowered while driving it. After asking some cleverer folk than me on the forums I was informed where the mixture screw was. In the picture below the mixture screw for the Zenith carb is at the seven o’clock position and you turn it anti clockwise to increase the fuel mix…

As I turned it I could hear the engine pick up and it was nice to lose the “popping” noise when I took my foot off of the accelerator.

Then with a smug feeling of accomplishment and the tension of the last 24 hours easing away I set to fitting the window locks onto the doors. This didn’t take long which was good because I was starting to loose the feeling in my fingers to the cold.

This was enough for the day I was getting really cold and tired and I decided that cooking dinner was a good option seeing as Wifey has a bloody awful cold and her coughing and sneezing over the food didn’t seem like a particularly appetizing situation.

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