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When I say “Forms and Frustration” as the title of this entry (there’s a good word it always makes me think of the old paper diaries we all said we didn’t write as kids) it’s really me just being an impatient bugger.

I see the weather forecasters are predicting doom and gloom with high winds more snow than on the set of game of thrones and then the inevitable flooding when it all melts away again and what would the ideal motor for this be I hear you ask? Well a newly rebuilt Land Rover should do the job nicely I would think!

Listen to me moaning I do apologise folks it’s not like I would even take it out if the registration turned up in the morning there are a couple of bits I want to sort first including changing over the gearbox mounts as they are past there best and after all this time and effort I have put into the old boy a little more wont hurt. The steering wheel needs to be set straight instead of 90 degrees out as it will drive me insane each time I touch it! Oh I need to sort out a 24v to 12v dropper for the CB and there is a Land Rover badge on the way too…bloody hell it’s turning into a shopping list on here now!

So each evening when I return from work and look with hope at my coffee table where the post gets dumped I feel a little disappointed there’s no registration for me but I know it’s too soon the DVLA have probably only just opened the letter from me if I am lucky so expecting to see what wont be there is daft…or maybe it’s just a little bit of hope.

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