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Yea lots of posts today but it’s been a proper busy superb Sunday!

I have been out today with the Nottingham Land Rover Club off roading over Donnington way. Now this is the second time a friend in the club has taken me for a ride along with him in his motor (I have just read this back and even though that sounds like a lead in line to a dogging story it was all purely innocent!) and it still brings a smile to my face (oh why don’t I think before I write?!)

The folk in the club are always happy to see you and there is a right mix of ages raging from new born to nearly dead with plenty of mick taking all round…just as it should be. I will point out I am a paid up member of the club so I am not taking the piss completely by just inviting myself along with whoever wanted to join me each time this time being my youngest daughter who bloody loved it!

We jumped into a SWB Landy and off we went bouncing around a forest like environment getting stuck into deep ruts and avoiding large stumps sticking out. (Honestly everything I write in brackets is on the final read through and this really does sound like a dogging romance novel…sorry..unless you like dogging then enjoy!…I should just point out though I don’t go dogging and I wouldn’t take my daughter if I did!) Bouncing around and holding on for dear life at low speed is superb and I cannot wait to get Mator out there breaking what I have fixed!

The first ditch was a bit of a challenge but a quick tug got us out (dear God I could write for dirty magazines)…

But the highlight of the day was when our driver decided driving through a rather large puddle should be a laugh! At this point another friend of his asked if he could jump in instead of me while he went through so I stood back and my daughter being a little shy decided to stay on the sidelines as well instead of sitting in the back. Man was she happy she did and I have never been so glad to be fortunate to good timing because this puddle you see was a bit more than a puddle. Do you remember that episode of the vicar of Dibley when she jumped in a puddle…you are getting the idea…

The seats got a little damp but would you believe that even though it took about five minutes to tow them out the engine kept running the whole time and he drove it the 20 minute drive home as well! After our ride got soaked it was thankfully time for some lunch and we took our leave after this instead of getting wet arse’s all afternoon not that we are ungrateful but Wifey would have killed us if we had got her nice little motor dirty.

Just as well we were not in his Landy when he took for a swim then eh!

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