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I received today THE best feedback I have ever had about the drivel on my blog. Now where is this feedback I hear you ask I can’t see any comments here on the main original blog well quite frankly you wont because I have been lucky enough to share my blog across a few different forums and Facewipe so there are lots of comments in different places giving me a great balance of the true depths of my stupidity.

First things first here is the feedback I got today from “Dan”…

“How I hadn’t seen this thread before I do not know, but I did on Friday night and since then I have been reading it post by post between getting nagged at to do house related chores and getting a sneaky bit of time in the shed on my own projects. It has been amazing to see the transformation and how it has been written in such an entertaining style! I felt like I was riding the emotional roller coaster with you on the build up to and during the MOT then I actually got goose bumps as I read the part where the tester declared it had passed! Hope you get the rest of the paperwork tied up and you finally get to enjoy the results of your hard work!”

Superb chap and thanks again.

And now here are the links to the different places the blog has been posted so feel free to have a look at the good and the bad feedback I have got along with my personal favourites which are the posts pointing out I am wrong about something 🙂

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