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There’s no stopping me now I have realised that I think the Landy is ready for it’s first bash at a ticket. The insurance has been bought with a 60 day leave of absence to get the registration sorted and the MOT is booked for this Friday at 10am.

I have to be honest I must have missed something here there WILL be something it fails on if not several some things so I am treating Friday as a “Oi knobhead don’t you think you should fix this first before it goes on the road?” sort of appointment that will give me a list of niggly bits to sort out by next weekend when I will take it back for a retest should it fail.

So why do I feel a little bit nervous then? Why are there butterflies in my stomach when I think about driving it to the test centre and waiting while some other bloke has a poke around with my project? Am I jealous that another man is going to get intimate with it and am I just excited to be driving it finally or terrified that it wont make the 2 mile drive each way? I have even sorted out a recovery plan in case it goes wrong in the form of a mate with another 4×4 and a rope to get me home so there every eventuality has been covered really so this should in theory make me more settled but it doesn’t.

9 months hard work is in the firing line here and I think the biggest issue is I don’t want someone else telling me it’s crap even though I know it isnt! So time to suck it up take it in and see what happens the report will be online by Friday evening but it may be a little tear stained…

Here’s secretly hoping!

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