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I got conned like a novice today. I mean I have been with Wifey for 15 years and around the block a fair few times before that so to fall for something as simple as “I just need to pop into here to buy a dress” I deserve everything I got.

See this picture here chaps…..

These are the gates to Hell itself. If you look closely there is a red sign in the middle of the windows proclaiming what torture you are in for if you dare to enter but did I notice this before losing my soul this morning? I am sorry to say chaps I did not I fell for it hook line and sinker. “A dress” I fear not my friends it was not just a dress…it was many dresses in fact it was more dresses than I have ever seen collected into one place just to increase the torture for the men who unsuspectingly walk in with their women. Oh I haven’t finished on the torture front yet I was repeatedly asked by Wifey if I liked this dress or that dress and why was I looking so fed up didn’t I like her in any of the dresses what was I trying to say what was the matter with me shouldn’t she look nice for me?
Sweet Jesus there is no other no win situation like watching your woman drive herself into a frenzy over clothes like a demented nutjob then have all of that pent up what I think is excitement aimed at you! I dutifully sat outside the changing rooms making the right noises after having being paraded an unknown number of outfits when I figured a way out…

Say you have a “windy” stomach and need to go outside for “a walk” to let nature take it’s smelly course. It worked! Then the cherry on the cake was the discovery of a huge motorbike shop around the corner!

I managed to kill an hour looking at gear I need to replace this year and sorting a few prices out on my head. When I headed back toward the gates of hall I decided a phone call would be better than actually walking through them voluntarily again then twenty minutes later I was happily driving away with Wifey stored on board along with several new frocks…I believe they were the first three she had looked at as soon as we arrived but hey what do I know?

My prize when I got home was on hours peace to play on the Landy while she tried all the clothes on again but hey I was happy to escape for a while. There was only really one big outstanding job left and that was to sort out the battery brackets.

I bought two pairs of universal battery arms and clamps a while back now but when they arrived I realised I had made a cock up size wise and these ere way too long with the thread finishing about 2 inches short of where they were needed to actually hold the batteries in place! A friend at work had a tap & die set I could borrow so I set to sorting these extra long bars out.

First I cut them to the right size and set to starting off the right thread size…

I found it best to wind forward and back until the thread was about 10mm long then it was a straight cut down to where I needed the thread to end…

This was my first go at this and I was surprised how easy it went four times over beginners luck maybe? All the wing nuts fitted fine as well so I will be securing the batteries in the morning and with that chore done the old Landy will be ready to be sent off to for MOT at the end of the month by witch time the Tax Man should have told me all is ok import wise, as in it has never been exported or imported so I owe no money, and then the docs can go off to the DVLA which can be another kettle of fish!

Still first things first lets get the MOT sorted which I would love to do next Friday as I am off work but I dont want to inure it yet because you only get 30 days to then get it registered properly or it costs a fistful more cash. That is of course unless anyone is kicking about with trade plates or a big trailer and has nothing better to do then otherwise patience will have to prevail and the use of the very kind offer of transport I have at months end that will save me lots of money will do quite nicely 🙂

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