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No not the bloody film that even though my kids have now grown up they and Wifey love for some reason and seem to be happy to sing the same songs over and over and over again. No by the title “Frozen” I refer to my poor bugger of a project that sat on the driveway not getting any sunshine doing it’s best impersonation of an ice cube since Boxing Day.

Seeing as my work so generously let us leave work today once all of the little work we had to do was done on this the first day of 2015 I thought I best see if the old motor would start up or whether the batteries might need a charge.

I kid you not it started on the first turn of the key. I have had modern motors that never ever started on the first turn the whole time I owned them! This got me to thinking….this project of mine was “Demobbed” in 1998 and basically sat around from that point until I bought it early 2014…that for the rubbish at math to save you taking your socks off to count your toes is 16 years.

16 years of Spring Summer Autumn and most importantly Winters. I seem to recall a couple of years ago we had “The worst winter ever” where we were all snowed in and chilly for a couple of months and this old motor just sat through it with no one paying it any mind let alone attention or care. So it has frozen and thawed then been cooked and soaked without turning a wheel or a cog for year upon year then when I get it it gives a shrug and fires up like it was serviced regularly the whole time.

Don’t suppose I should worry about a nippy week with it then seeing as it is a brilliant bit of engineering and by all accounts far tougher than I will ever be!

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