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I would love to be able to play in the snow with my old Landy and that time should come soon enough so today with aches and bruises from Friday nights adventures I thought I might mop a few of the little outstanding jobs on it.

An early Christmas present arrived on Christmas eve in the form of four replacement spark plugs of the correct spec for my old motor. I was amazed at this because I had only ordered them the day before so how on earth they made it to me so quickly during the Christmas rush I do not know but I was happy to see them.

It wasn’t until today that I managed to get around to fitting them and I was pleasantly surprised that the old plugs and leads came out and off with no issues at all. These normally make all sorts of strange sounds when I am involved and I have even had the odd plug snap off in the head on me in the past but I was one step ahead on these ones as I had soaked the buggers in WD40 a week ago and left puddles of the stuff in the spark plug recess to soak in…it worked a treat!

So it was out with the old and in with the new….

A turn of the key and the engine fired into to life and seems to have lost the worst of the odd misfire it had before which is nice so I left it ticking over and thought I would see how quick the Artic heater would warm the motor through which it did in a matter of minutes so hopefully I wont be victim to the normal frozen winter feeling that most Landy drivers suffer from…what a smug git I will be!

Seeing as this was going so well I decided I better get the passenger door top fitted that has been kicking around for a while. Better to play indoors with this though so I snuck the top window and the runners that needed to be fitted into the dining room like a ninja on a mission as Wifey was distracted by some girly film on the box. The first she realised what was happening was when I was drilling the pilot holes for screwing the runners in but by then I was in and refusing to go and play in the cold again until I had to!

With everything laid out I got stuck in…

And once it was built I headed out into the frost to fit it but of course the old bolts wouldn’t let go so I then had to drag out the grinder along with 50 feet of extension cable to do two ten second cuts. There was a sizzle as the old bolts dropped into the snow and the new one dropped straight into place…

The old wreck is now wind proof and water tightish which pleases me no end 🙂

Looking for something to do I then found a pair of old mesh light covers I bought months ago put at the back of the shed and promptly forgot about so this was a nice surprise or the early onset of dementia who knows. I remembered that I wanted to spray these black so I grabbed a can of poundland special and set to work…

They look good but I wont be fitting them until after the MOT as the headlights need adjusting so best keep that easy access just in case well that and I will probably forget about the light guards again and find them in a few months which will be a nice surprise for the future me.

All that is really left is to secure the batteries now so I best be getting the transport to the MOT centre sorted out.

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