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I am not as good as I once was of that there can be no doubt. I know I am not old yet in fact I ma just starting out on middle age and there are those that would argue that at 41 I have not even started on that yet but I can confirm that I ache more easily these days that I did before.

Progress has slowed on the Landy because, as I am sure I have said before so forgive me for repeating myself, I have taken on the role at work of “shunter” that gives me set day hours at work and which is compiled of moving 60 trailers or so around the site at work which is the size of a very large village and consists of getting in and out of the “Tug” (like a truck cab) twice for each trailer and winding the legs of the trailer up and down before and after its moved hopefully in the right order so you don’t drop the bloody thing on it’s knees!

So for ten hours a day I get to do constant step aerobics along with an upper body work out and this is as you can imagine not the most mentally challenging role but it gives me set hours which as a HGV 1 driver is very rare and after three years of working into the early hours of the morning and not seeing my family all week long is a pleasant change! Oh and it keeps me fit whether I want it too or not. Even a couple of years ago I would not have blinked at the physical exercise of the role but even though I can keep the work up I now ache like hell when I get in and it takes a good twenty minutes to warm up my aching bones in the morning!

Another side effect is I only get the weekend to play on the project and the next slot will be Saturday morning when I must get the damned thing serviced properly before we have old friends arrive of who my good friend the mechanic will be more than happy to escape the woman chat that goes on endlessly for hours to play on the Landy with me so a polite cup of tea over twenty minutes should be enough before we excuse ourselves and leave the women to gossip and sort out lunch.

I have sent off the forms to the tax man for the NOVA number the DVLA want and have filled out the V55-5 form ready for despatch when the motor finally has its MOT. I hate paperwork so it’s good to have it out of the way!

The project price list has not been updated for a while so here it is below adding bits bought and the taking away the last few bits sold off as well and I should have a bit more of an update on Saturday.

Landy Project Costs

Land Rover £375

Sanding Discs £11.70

Ignition Barrel £20

Heritage letter £21.75

2x Batteries and rear 1/4 light £35

Pair Battery Terminal Clamps £3.99

Floor pan nuts & bolts £6.50

Grinding disc £2.25

Under Seal £8.99

Complete set of lights £85

5 Litres Primer £24.99

4 Discovery Wheels £10.20

Rear Door £21.00

Front Door £20.00

Handbrake spring £1.50

2 Discovery wheels

Two seatbelts

Wing Mirror

2 Headlight surrounds

2 headlight frames £60

2 Front Doors £60

Nato Green Paint £36

Rear Window Seal and insert £9.99

Wiring connectors £3.00

2 tins of silver metal paint £7.00

Fuses & Sandpaper £4.50

5x tins black spray £5.00

5x more tins black spray £5.00

Clutch fluid

Exhaust putty

WD40 £8.49

Car Boot Bits £13

Front & rear shocks £59.45

Front & rear brake rebuild kits £81.62

Fuel tank & filler £40

Wheels complete with tyres £250

Fuel pump

Fuel hose

Indicator stalk

Bonnet strap

Brake switch

Fuel pump gasket

Fuel line clips £67.74

24v Wiper motor

24v flasher relay

24v heater

24v front loom

oil cooler

Door tops x2

Rear bench seat £67.50

Roof rack £100

Wheel nuts £8

Brake pipe kit £39

Wheels & Tyres £250

Exhaust System & Flexi hose pipes £66

Number plate light £5

Seat set £90

Fuel tank and service parts £136

Seat belts £61

Rear seat brackets £10


TOTAL £1631.16

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