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I’m sitting here just killing some time before we head off out for a family Christmas meal. You chaps know what its like it takes us 5 minutes to get ready including a shower and a shave then its an hour sitting about waiting for the woman or in my case women in your lives to finish preening pruning and hacking themselves about to look good while they are out to only then when they return wipe it all off and jump into slobby house clothes.
That has always seemed odd to me the whole “got to look my best” thing they do in case a complete stranger looks at them and judges them scruffy tramps but they are happy to turn into said scruffy tramps in front of us their life partners as soon as they are behind closed doors…go figure?

Even my mate Bob The Travelling Monkey freshly back from the States in ready in his Christmas togs…

I suppose us chaps are just a different breed.

Well the great paper chase has begun with regards to getting the Landy registered with DVLA by filling out the Nova form for HMRC. Insomnia has struck me again and in all fairness it must be two or three years since it last came along to push my limits of normal functioning in next to no sleep for a week or so and what better way to utilise the time and try to make myself drop off than getting out of bed and filling out a form for the tax man!

As it turns out it is quite straight forward to do and I shall get it posted off to them today. The notes state that I will have an answer in within 14 days…it doesn’t state what 14 days are they working days or the number of days from their receipt of them? Couple into that the fact it is Christmas time and I have never known any civil servant to work over the Crimbo New year period and the fact we are dealing with the tax man here and they really dance to the beat of their own drum so I should hopefully hear something back by mid January which will tie in nicely with getting the MOT sorted providing they have all the information they need in the first hit.

This is the 100th post I have done on the main blog forum or and I would like to say thanks to all of you who read it and thanks again for the comments you all send in and give to me both good bad and crazy! If anyone would like to get in touch directly you can email via

Seems there are some stirrings from the top of the stairs so the tribe of women I live with must be nearly ready to leave and heaven help me if I am not ready to go once they have decided there is no turning back on the way they look because you never know what the next stranger might think of you….

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