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I am starting today with the fact that I am stupid. I’m a pratt plonker tool dumb ass knobhead thick as two short planks not the sharpest tool in the box and of course a right pillock.

In fact calling myself those things is an insult to the people out there that are actually those things because my own stupidity has surprised even me. I had a realisation today whilst pottering around you know what its like you feel a bit smug and happy with progress and I was thinking how great it is that the Landy runs so well then the fact I didn’t have to strip out seized clutch plates to make it move when I realised that this work of art I have been creating for myself just sits on my driveway.

When I say sits there I mean it sits on my driveway on the main ring road where everyone can see it day in day out, the Landy that now starts and drives. The Landy that I write an online blog about and any bad folk wouldn’t hesitate to steal if they wanted the bits. The Landy that I have not been locking up or securing in any way…at all…even though its been running and has been drivable for a few weeks now.

That realisation woke me up I can tell you. You are always hearing of some scumbag stealing another Land Rover so I have made sure that my little project wont start run or be able to be driven away in any manner at all. Don’t get me wrong if someone wants to steal something badly enough they will but hey why make it easy for the gits eh!

Anyway I had to start the day swapping a few bits over on the motorbikes mainly the exhaust system seeing as the new bike had a brand new Motad spanking exhaust on it that made it really loud reduced performance and was quickly getting on my nerves. On the standard system went and performance improved no end so I have a nice shiny exhaust gets to go on Ebay.

My attention then turned to the Landy. It was a tad on the cold side this morning.

I figured the best way defrost it was to see if it would start after a couple of weeks of standing which it did on the first couple of turns of the key! I love that arctic heater talk about toasty! First things first I wanted to get the drivers side door top swapped and the first nut came off no other but the second one had rusted through on the old top…

Out came the grinder to sort that little issue out and the new top soon dropped into place.

Then I wanted to get the seatbelts swapped over. I took out the drivers side one no problem just a couple of stiff bolts but a little WD40 and some brute force sorted them out. It was when I went to fit the nice Discovery ones I have had in my shed for months that the problem showed itself…

The original Series ones have a nice angle on the Latch arm but the Discovery ones are straight and bending wouldn’t help because it twists at an angle as well. I’m a bit miffed as the fella who sold them to me sells lots of Land Rover bits and assured me they would fit straight in. Well they don’t. Something else to add to the buy it list then.

Onto the seats then! I dug them out and fitted them drivers side first…

Then the drivers side…

So they are in. Nice to have seats again bit I am not sure if I like them! Still they will do for now funds are tight. On the subject of seats I need another back stop as well like these ones…

I am sure I had them all but I have either A) Sold them B) Thrown them away C) Put them some where really really safe.

The HMRC NOVA form has arrived so I can have some fun filling that out later but it will get the ball rolling which is nice. I have revised my expectations for the MOT time and I don’t think it will be until the end of January now weather pending of course.

Right gotta go as the kids are pestering me about putting up Christmas decorations rest for the wicked eh!

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