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Well there I was getting all excited about being nearly at the MOT stage wasn’t I but I thought I best give DVLA a quick call this morning just to confirm what they needed from me to register the Landy. I thought I had researched this part enough in the past but I am so glad I called because they came up with an extra chore I knew nothing about!

Firstly I shall start with what you will need to register any ex mod Land Rover and this is direct from the DVLA and correct on 10/12/2014.

V55-5 form. Fill this out ready for return.

Proof of age. This can be via the heritage museum or sometimes is supplied by Land Rover if you can convince them and will get you an age related plate.

A Photocopy of your Driving Licence and Passport.

Current MOT.

So you MUST have the above all ready to send off with a cheques for the £55 registration fee plus at least six months tax which in my case for a 2.25 petrol is £126.50.

Your vehicle must be insured on the VIN or DVLA will not process your application.

Don’t get too comfy as we have not finished yet.

You will also need to contact HMRC to get confirmation that no import duties are owing on the vehicle.
They will send you some forms to fill out (sorry do not have the number for that one yet)
which you send back and four weeks later they tell you you owe nothing as it was built for the MOD and never officially exported BUT this does create a “NOVA” number that DVLA “Might” check upon your registration application.

Keeping up ok?

The exact words form the chap at HMRC were “Well this is a waste of time call DVLA back to make sure they want to do this as you have used the freedom of information act already and can prove what regiments this Land Rover was with so its never been exported”

I called DVLA back to be told “Well we might check with HMRC but we might not but we do most of the time unless you can send us documentation from the manufacturer to say it wasnt built for export”

“Err I have proof it was built for the MOD” I said

“But thats not the manufacturers” DVLA said.

“But its proof it wasn’t built for export it was built for the BRITISH Army” I say.

“That’s not on my list” says the DVLA chap “But it might be ok”

“Do DVLA work in “might be’s”” I ask

“Sometimes but if it is not accepted by who looks at it your application will be denied within two weeks” DVLA said.

“So” I point out “Would it not just be easier for me to do the HMRC thing then as that only takes four weeks and if I try on a whim just sending you what I have now hoping its enough and its not that will put me back a fortnight”

“Yea probably” I get from DVLA now bored man.

The paperwork has been applied for and seeing as it will probably take at least two months not the one they say as its Christmas time there’s no longer any great rush to get the Landy Mot’d and insured because most insurance companies will only insure the motor on a VIN number for 30 days!

I don’t like wasting money so patience is a virtue here and seeing as its been this long in the making a bit more time wont hurt now. If you are doing your own ex MOD rebuild start the ball rolling on the paperwork quicker than I have!

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