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It was bloody cold this morning in fact the Landy looked white and I was going to take some lovely Winter shots of it while I was out there but quite frankly I got sidetracked as usual and only remembered when I was on my way to work…typical.

This mornings reason for poking around the project was to see if I could find a couple of bolts that would fit into the passenger seat back so into the box of nuts and bolts I dived. When this search proved fruitless I remembered I threw loads of nuts and bolts into the spares big blue tub that was in the rear so I jumped in there and had a good sort out putting even more bolts into the right box of spares…success!

I found four bolts with the same thread pattern that along with a washer or two will fit so the seats should be in on Saturday 🙂

So I have a busy day planned while Wifey is off out with friends on the project including fitting seats, belts, changing oil and filters along with the spark plugs then last but not least fitting the new bonnet strap for the spare wheel on the bonnet.

Of course it will rain and spoil all of my fun…

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