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The bike crisis is over. I have picked up exactly the same bike as I own today so I can now get back to commuting as it should be done in a city. When I say exactly the same bike I do mean exactly the same bike! Its the same model year engine size and colour! What are the odds?

I was going to borrow some cash and spend a lot more and get something newer but when this came up for £750 fully serviced with new boots battery exhaust system and my old bike sat there basically with every spare that I could need it was a win win situation.

The old bike will be stripped down and boxed up for the time being so I will have no worries of expensive repairs for some time to come!

My plan was to MOT the Landy by Christmas but the bike issue has out me back a couple of weeks on that plan. A turn up for the books is that Wifey has informed me that even though it looks like next Saturday was full of things to be done and visits to be made it is just for her and work friends so that leaves me with a full day to play with the project so maybe just maybe it could get an MOT before the new year.

I am not going to rush it though I want it done right but tis the time of year for miracles…

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