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I am impatient to get this project done and I really don’t want it to finish. You must have been there yourselves with something you have done at some point, you put in hours upon hours of effort relishing the challenge and hating the project at times. You sacrifice your pocket money the time you should have spent with the kids and offer up the odd limb or two in order to christen it with blood the Landy gods require if you want it to ever fire up into life again.

With December now upon us I have had a look at the calender for the month and to say the schedule is hectic would be a mild understatement. If I want to get any sort of time on the project it is in a small hour long window sometime from waking up to leaving for work. No really I am being serious! If I want any time to myself to do as I please I have that one option for most of the rest of the month….having a family seemed like such a good idea at the time!

Its amazing what you can do in a couple of hour long stints though. First I set to getting the old drivers side seat out. This is straight forward enough by simply lifting the base out and then folding the back of the seat forward. You will probably find that it doesn’t want to go past the steering wheel of course but I found that just by moving the steering wheel from side to side a couple of times helped my “persuade” the seat back down. The single bolt removed from each side saw the back out pretty easily and quickly too.

That seat was pretty tatty and probably wont be any good for anyone but that wont stop me throwing it up onto fleabay on a free listing for 99p though! Hey any money back is a bonus and yes I am that much of a tight git…at times.

The seat frame was looking a bit rough…

and I still had some green left so that got liberally splashed around the frame and rear bulkhead…

Onto the passenger side and that too was past its best so I got to splash it about a bit more…

It does make a hell of a difference a quick coat of paint even though I know these parts wont really been seen that often its nice to just “know” I have done it right.

I have bought off of the tinterweb a passenger side door top it as brand new unused and seeing as I had to fit a new window kit to that side anyway I decided for the price of £15 I may as well “know” both of the door tops are new and that the glass wont be dropping out every tome I close the door like it does at the moment. The current passenger side door top is pretty rusty and will need a bit more exploration when its taken off to see if it would be worth keeping as a spare.

The new one was the wrong colour so while I had the paint out…

Once the kit arrives I will get the glass in and tops changed over.

Next it was time to fit the windscreen wipers and I could not find them for love nor money. So after scratching my head and looking in many boxes along with all of my “safe” places I gave up and ordered a new pair convinced I had thrown them away by accident along with a load of rubbish out of the back of the Landy. The next morning I found them of course in plain sight on top of a toolbox. In my defence it wasn’t a safe place toolbox and the mornings are very dull along with the wipers being very small and black.

Anyway it turns out I have two different types of wiper arms fitted to the Land Rover one being a series one and one slightly thicker one. A drill bit and some persuasion soon had both of the wipers fitted.

I think I will replace the arms at some point but I will get the MOT done first.

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