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I was up early. I just cant seem to have a lie in like other folk after 6 hours of snoring I wake up wide eyed and ready to start the day whether I want to or not. After staring at the ceiling in the dark I lay there determined not to get out of my pit until 7am. At 7am I was just finishing my first cup of tea waiting for the light to come in enough so I could potter outside on the Landy.

A bowl of cornflakes later and a play online the light was good enough for the chickens to want to come out so it was good enough for me to get myself into my baby grow and get stuck back into the electrics. The washer bottle and pump were the last of my wiring issues so I bolted them back into place, wired the washer pump up filled the bottle full of washer fluid and wondered if my luck could hold out for it to work.

It bloody worked!! I pushed the button the pump whirred into life and the fluid worked its way through the pipework and squirted onto the screen! Um that’s all the electrics working then…I mean all of them the lot everything electrical on a Land Rover is operational. This must be a first on the planet and must be worthy of a prize of some sort!

That done its about 8am and the family are enjoying a lazy lie in and snoring away so I decided I would get the old leaky tank out and the new shiny one in place.
First I had to start taking the bits out of the tank.

The feeder pipe had to be swapped over as well as the fuel sender.

I then undid the four bolts that hold the tank in and that dropped out soon enough.

The new tank went in easy enough with the use of my jack to help balance it in place whilst I added the bolts to hold it in place. Soon enough it was done plumbed in and wired up. Being a tight git I drained the fuel out of the old tank checking it was clean and added back into the new tank. I should say here when I removed the fuel line from the old tank I folded it over itself and used a cable tie to stop any fuel leaking out.

Im glad I splashed out for a new tank because it should give me many years of service and that is the whole of the fuel system now replaced.

I fired it up and all is well in fact I love being able to turn the key when ever I want to and hear it running it never fails to bring a smile to my face!

By now the tribe were up and around and we had to head down south to look at a replacement bike. Don’t you hate it when folk lie to you about the condition of a motor. This was supposedly on mint condition but after arriving it was scraped and scratched and dont get me started on the state of the nearly rusted through exhaust!
So a wasted trip of a 130 miles but we did call in on family and it was very good to see my baby sister and her fiancée back from Australia then we got fed a big fat roast to boot!

Now home and relaxing for a couple of hours wondering how the weekend flew by so quickly and still looking for a bike.

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