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Oh I am feeling like a proper smug bugger today. I had a friend call around who is a Land Rover nut and a good mechanic to boot. It was his first meeting with the old project and he was a mine of information. It turns out the Landy has had a recon engine installed because its a nice green colour and considering its only showing 24,000 on the clock anyway I wonder if they were changed at the same time or not? The timing and ignition are spot on so no worries there which has saved some buggering about. The words he seemed to use a lot this morning relating to me and the Landy were “bugger” as well as “Jammy”. You see he really was impressed with the overall condition of just about everything so fingers crossed for the dreaded MOT.

After he left I still had an hour to kill before Wifey came home so we could go motorbike shopping and with the last electrical jobs niggling me I decided to have a stab at them again. Now before I get into this I would like to take the time out to show you the first picture of the day….

Now I am clueless when it comes to electrics but with this diagram of a 24v FFR wiring system in colour along with a multimeter set to the correct voltage even I was able to track back the wiring issues.

It is daunting though when you open up the centre consul and find this lot looking at you.

I started to panic when I was finding wires like this lot and wondering !Are these supposed to be connected somewhere???”

But I took faith in the diagram and started to follow it back to get the horn working. I traced back from the relay to the change in wire colour testing for power at connections until I found out where the horn actually lived which is behind the grill on the nearside…
There was no power at the horn itself but there was at the connector on the offside by the headlight so through my cunning powers of deduction I realised the problem was between the two and quite obvious once I saw it…

“No way” I thought to myself “It cannot be that easy” after all we are talking Land Rover electrics here and they are a bain of every owners lives. I cleaned and connected the wires back up then turned on the ignition and pressed the horn….a dolcit grumpy sounding tone emitted loudly from the front end of the motor and the grin that spread across my face made my cheeks ache. Another electrical job down.

Could I beat that today? Could I get the rear fog lights to work or would I be removing them as they were not a legal requirement in 1983?

I grabbed my multimeter and diagram then attacked the wiring with gusto tracking the right colour through relays getting power all the way to the switch. Im getting into this electrical lark now you know. The power died there so having seen teh prices of a replacement 24v fog light switch I took to cleaning and WD40’ing (new word you know) it up then the moment had arrived to see if it had made any difference and whether I could crown myself the king of Land Rover electrics!!!!!!!!


I rechecked my work and pushed the spade connector into place properly and with the sounds of heavenly angels playing me soft music the most wonderful light came to life on the dashboard!

That little yellow light on the top right held promise that the rear fog lights should be working and low and behold there was light!!

I felt epic! The lighting system now works across the board on the old girl and the only electrical component to refit now will be the washer pump when I get a chance. Isn’t it amazing how good you can feel when something new that you have learnt actually works out as it should. The way this is going I really may have this old mouldy Land Rover back on the road by the new year.

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