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So I was eagerly heading home around the Nottingham ring road banking left around a bend through some traffic lights and over some cross roads when the front end of the bike just kinda gives out…thankfully I was not travelling very fast but I took up both lanes to recover it from going shiny side down and my first thought was “front tyre blew out”

Nope the tyre is fine. I limped the poor old bugger home and the bike too! The front end wobbling all over the shop but I was only a mile away so a slow crawl at about 5mph saw me back soon enough and safely to boot.

I grabbed a torch had a quick look and it would appear the frame at the front is giving up the will to live. This is all in the dark so a closer inspection in the morning will show to what extent it has gone BUT I am sitting here at home with the Mrs having a beer and listening to some tunes so life is still good. Wifey doesn’t know why I am smiling and being happy to still be in one piece she thinks the bike issue wasn’t such a big deal! Hey I don’t care because I kept the bike rubber side down…somehow

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