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Had to go and collect a new battery for my bike first thing this morning as the old one has declared itself dead. So at the counter in the shop I tell the sales chap what battery I need and off he toddles and comes back with it asking “You do have a battery charger don’t you?” Well why would I? so my answer is no. He then informs me it needs to be charged as they store them dry until they are sold when the acid is added. Is it just me or is this a bit odd? When you buy a car battery its charged and ready to roll so why wouldn’t a bike one be the same?

I then asked him “Do you have a battery charger?” to which he replies with a grin “Yes yes we do” “good” I reply “Stick that battery on it and I will be back to collect it in the morning” The sales girl next to him burst into laughter and he toddled of back out to the rear of the store muttering “ok then see you in the morning”

Back on the driveway in no time as the shop is just around the corner I know I am going to potter a bit. I have cleaned out and dressed my gammy finger this morning so I know I cant do too much but I figure I can manage to fit the new front wheels. I set up with the jack and wheel brace and my mobile rings with my middle daughter calling me from her trip into London this morning to a University interview. No let me point that out again…she is in London. We go through the normal “Hellos” along with me saying “Everything ok down there are you all right?” to which she replies
“Yea all good here….you are working on the Land Rover aren’t you! You are not supposed to be doing that!” How the hell do they know? I hadn’t even started just set up?? I have to admit I looked around to see if they have set up a couple of cameras but cannot see any if they have.

I told her I was “just looking at it” and promptly got to “looking” at the old wheels being changed for the new again. There’s nothing really wrong with the old Series wheel rims that were on it but I fancied a set of the early Discovery steel wheels with chunkier tyres on.

With the front end still on axle stands the series wheels just fell off so no hassle there but I had donned my babygrow so I could use my legs to help manhandle the new wheels on.

Doesn’t it look smart with its new shoes on!! I love it nice and chunky tyres and the matching Nato green looks a lot better on them than I thought it would. You could be forgiven if you are thinking I had forgotten to take out the axle stands from under the front but no they are gone!! It really sits that high up! I am loving the look of it even if I do say so myself!

I am happy to say the hand/axle/transmission brake works just fine the bricks are under the rear wheels as a “just in case” measure on my downhill driveway that leads directly onto the main city ring road.

The last job of the day was to change over the rear number plate light. Yes I have done this once but since then I have managed to pick up a Land Rover one which looks a lot better than the truck one I had stuck on before…I had a word with myself about being too much of a tight arse at times.

I need to update the project costings again but that can be done over the weekend.

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