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I met up with the folk from the Nottingham Land Rover Club last night at the pub and as always it was a pleasant evening with lots of tall tales and laughter. My engine does run but is desperate for a service and a bit of a tune up. Now give me a mini and I will do it blind folded and I am sure tuning the engine and Carb is about the same on the Landy but for the first go I really wanted someone looking over my shoulder telling me I am doing it right or wrong whatever the case may be. I found/bullied a volunteer to come along with the bribe of cakes and chocolate so as soon as I am paid next week I shall get the bits in and then we will be very nearly ready for the MOT. Now I find myself wondering if I have done everything right! I know there will be a few tweaks and the place I am taking ot too will help me with those final tweaks before we put it in so that’s good. Dont want to fail on the brakes needing adjusting up a bit more or the headlights pointing the wrong way!

The problem with the Landy sitting on the drive is the temptation. Whatever window I pass it seems to sit there beckoning at me and now the finish line is in sight I really do want to cross it as quickly as possible! Obviously I am putting the brakes because a) Clumsy fat sore fingers. b) I don’t want to rush the last bit and spoil it by missing something simple or breaking something big.

Little bits then. I am running out of those this week those little things you can do with one hand. But I did remember that one of my wheels was leaking air so I rolled it out of the greenhouse and down to Wifeys car. Here I had to be careful because even though the inside of her car resembles a skip in the footwells most of the time (Im pretty sure most women are like this with cars…dirty buggers) she would be most unimpressed if she knew I was throwing a big land rover wheel in the back of it!

Cant see what the problem is myself…

The tyre was leaking air from the rim so the nice chap at the local garage unburdened me of the contents of my wallet to take the tyre off and give it a good clean up reseal and balance. That sorted and back I wondered what to do now and came up with the idea of loosening up the nuts on the drivers side window top ready for replacing with the better one in storage. I didnt know the strength of my left hand as I snapped the first one off but managed to a bit more gently persuade the second loose in one piece.

There are two things that for me are must haves in a rebuild. The first is a box of nuts and bolts that you have collected over time and thrown bits in “just in case”

And a mixed box of washers as well…

Amongst these I found the two washers and bolts I will need to fit the new door top on saving myself a few pennies and a trip to the local ironmongers.

I then really wanted to change the tops over but my hand is healing nicely I have to go back to work next week if I want to eat and my fingers were warning me I had pushed far enough so I put the kettle on instead.

I did try to start my bike but it seems the battery has lost the will to live so that’s a job for tomorrow. Autumn mornings are one of my favourites and with scenes like the last picture I took whilst walking the dog you must be able to see why!

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