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You know I am banned from doing anything on the Landy until the weekend at the soonest so my poor little fingers get a chance to heal a bit well Wifey was at work the kids at school/college and after somehow cleaning out the chicken coop and the Dragons vivarium one handed over a couple of hours I got to sit down with a cup of tea.
As I sat there looking out of the dining room window at the Land Rover the devil inside started chipping away at me.

“Just have a look around it that will be ok”
“Might as well have a sit in it and smell that project oil”
“No one is in…no one will ever know”
“Its ok as long you don’t do anything to it”
“You have your “good” clothes on so you wouldn’t dare get them dirty!”

My resolve soon crumbled and I found myself sitting in the drivers seat with the keys in my hand, what harm could starting it do?

The key turned the engine coughed into life and I sat surrounded by the sweet burble of the 2 1/4 petrol engine ticking over. Seeing as it was running I decided to let it get really warmed up and watched the temp gauge rise steadily. Now there is another way of seeing if your thermostat works rather than shoving your fingers into the radiator blades and this is by watching your temperature gauge. It will climb and climb while you sit with the engine running then it will drop down a fair bit once the thermostat opens then steadily climb a bit until it finds it running level.

This is what I did. I sat there with my fingers throbbing with worry about a repeat of yesterdays performance in the warmth of the heater looking at the dash water and oil temp levels sitting nicely bang in the middle where they should be and the only fault I found with the arctic heater in that the air seems to be blowing out of the bottom of the unit rather than out of the pipework it was supposed to come from so no biggy just a bit of a fix. All is well my project is nearing completion.

This is when my eldest daughter walked up the drive. I didn’t see her coming because I was sitting with my head back in the drivers seat just enjoying the engine noise…caught red handed.

She had that look on her face that daughters can only ever learn from their mothers, you know the one that look that you remember from childhood the on ewhere its a mixture of stern consternation and disapproval that you are doing exactly the thing you KNOW you should not be doing…Busted!


“How do I get out of this then?” I thought to myself. In a split second my mind ran through thousands of possibilities and settled on a winner. She’s learning to drive you see…she is getting a bit of a thing for Land Rovers now and really quite fancies a SWB you see….she has never sat in one and really wants to drive one….I had to be subtle to pull this off.

“You are right kid you are right that’s why I am just running the new exhaust in” (A vicious lie I know but she has no idea about mechanics so why not) “I have to do it before servicing the engine properly…fancy a sit in the drivers seat to help?”

The look in her eyes changed from suspicion to excitement as she jumped into the seat and revved the engine a few times. “Like it?” I asked. “Yea” she said with a massive grin on her face…I might just pull this off…

“Good kid its great eh! Look don’t tell your Mother I was in it not that I was “working” on it just sitting there but she will just worry and I will let you drive it as soon as it has an MOT on it”

She looked at me sideways with a mix of knowing what I was doing and temptation…temptation won. She says it’s a deal so I may dodge the wrath of Wifey on this one but if the daughter is anything like the mother it will cost me dearly!

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