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Last night I charged up the batteries so this morning I could get the engine running again.

I popped both of them into place wired them up and turned the ignition over but it wouldnt start! I figured I hadnt yet pulled enough fuel through the new pump and pipework so pumped away again to my hearts content for a couple of minutes. It’s bloody awkward reaching that pump handle you have to bend over and practically lie on the engine top to do it…well a short arse like me does.

That was enough to fire her up and I was happy to hear the exhaust system was sealed and the dash dials were working nicely. I watched as all the old dust and dirt in those hard to get places burnt away and the temperature needle started to climb.
I forgot to say yesterday that I tested the brakes out with the help of my youngest again and they all worked! I had to tweak a couple but all is well there now so that pleased me no end!
Back to the engine though the temperature had hit the middle of the dial so I thought it best to check that the thermostat was working seeing as it has been in there for so long. I reached for the pipe running from the top of the housing to the radiator and this is where it got interesting.

You know those big metal fan blades that help cool your rad the ones that are normally painted blue…mine are red now.

The Landy demanded a larger blood offering this time before I am allowed to finish it completely well that’s what I am going with anyway because it sounds better than “I am a dozy pillock that shouldn’t be allowed near moving engine parts”.

I felt for the top pipe to check for heat slipped and pushed my fingers into the rotating blades.

To say I have been lucky is an understatement. My first finger went in and got skinned on the side and split next to the side of the nail, my third finger came worse off with a blade going in and out just below the finger nail on the tip very deeply but coming out again before it took the whole tip with it! All fingers are nicely bruised and bloody painful but hey it could have been so very much worse.

Now we all hurt ourselves often when playing around with motors and normally just shrug off the pain thinking “knobhead” and the like but you know that feeling when you KNOW you have done some real damage…I have not felt that in a long time and am in no rush to do it again. I have to take the week off of work, just what I need on the run up to Christmas, but at least its only a week. I can remove the Steri strips on Saturday after a good soaking but until then I am not allowed to get it wet, dirty or put any pressure on it at all. Doesn’t it seem like a lot of fuss for a cut lol

The nurse seemed to take sadistic pleasure in cleaning it out that smarted a bit!

A week to kill and nothing to do because if I touch The Landy Wifey will kill me. I cannot write a great deal because dong it left handed is an interesting experience and this blog entry has taken me an hour…best get some books out of the library!

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