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Autumn weather sucks. Its bloody dark early and cold normally wet then nonsense like Christmas shopping turns up out of the blue that I get dragged along to God knows why its not like I get to give any input into the choice of anything at all. Well that last bit is not strictly true I get to give my input which duly gets a nod from Wifey who then tells me I am wrong and does what she wants anyway.

So I managed to grab an hour earlier to have a go on the Landy. I thought I would get the old girl started so put in some fuel and bled it through. Turned the key to find out that the batteries are about flat so no turnover there. I mean endless hours of having the lights on sorting the lectrics shouldnt flatten two old batteries that havnt been charged in three months should it eh! Ok I know I was lucky to have them last that long but dumb ass that I ma should have put them on charge yesterday but hey ho if that was going to be the worse thing that happened today then it will still be a good day.

The replacement fuel tank leaks.

Im hoping its because the seal has been dry for some time and it will swell up again but I suppose I will find out tomorrow. If it needs a new fuel tank then so be it we are that far in now it doesnt really matter.

I then jumped underneath the Landy and spray painted the prop shafts and axles black to tidy them up. Forgot to take pictures of that and I wasnt getting back under it in the wet to do it so that can be saved for a future post.

Then I changed the back wheels over to the new ones that are going on and removed the axle stands…must be getting somewhere a set of axle stands is away!

I have been meaning to buy black paint for the front window frame for months and today forgot it yesterday so seeing as there was no rain I painted the bugger green for now.

While the paint was out I gave the battery cover box a once over as well.

Then it was time to go out with the youngest daughter to buy something she “desperately” needed. Luckily I looked in the mirror before I left….

PAint on the nose…without noticing….I mean how???

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