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There were chores to do. I couldn’t put them off any longer. The dog was following me around like a lost puppy wanting a walk the warm autumn still had the grass growing so I had to coax one last cut out of the old knackered mower that the wheels keep falling off and last but not least the driveway had all of the leaves from every tree in the neighbourhood piled high in the corners.

On the plus side it didn’t take too long to get sorted and then the fun commenced! I dug out the grinder and went smirking to myself to the stuck exhaust piece…

What a shame I was finally going to get to kill it!

It took all of 30 seconds to cut it away and we were then in business!

The reason for fitting a new exhaust isnt because the old one looked rusty it was solid enough but the problem was this….

A bit flat to say the least and it wasn’t letting a great deal of exhaust gas through. Out with the old and in with the new. I jacked up the front of the Landy another notch on the axle stands which gave me enough clearance to fit the new front pipe without a repeat of getting stuck again. The whole system fitted in no problem along with new brackets and bolts.

All shiny and new!!!! It wont take long to cure that problem.

With that done quicker than expected and while the grinder was out I went to work on removing the last of the FFR brackets out of the rear tub. I had to move a couple of boxes around and somehow managed to set off the fire extinguisher with one…
At least I know it would have worked if I had needed it!

I attacked the FFR brackets with the grinder and gusto then soon enough they were all out as well.

Onto Ebay they will go! Every penny helps towards the rebuild. Then seeing as I had nothing better to do I fitted the rear seat I had picked up. That was an easy job just two holes to drill and hey presto all sorted.

It’s been a good few days off of work and I feel like I have now come over the hill top with this project. With any luck it will be on the road soon and then I will have to choose another project to be getting on with! Maybe a Discovery this time….

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