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This is always a fun job trying to force the air out of a new brake system and get the nice new brake fluid through the shiny pipes so I have treated myself to a shiny new tool that I have been told will solve all of my problems from the above and quickly to boot!

Here is the new toy…

So any ideas on how it works? No? Me neither and do you see the white instruction pages at the top right of the picture? That was nicely tucked away so you couldnt see it in that slot so I did my best impression of a monkey on the Krypton Factor trying to solve the winning puzzle before I knocked the whole case off of its perch on top of the motorbike scattering the whole bloody lot across the drive and the instructions took on a new lease of life at being freed making a gentle fluttering dash into the dual carriageway that runs past my front door. Once I picked up the mess up the manual was very helpful!

Once I had the kit put together I remembered to take the top off of the fluid reservoir…

which is most helpful as is putting the fluid in the system! You work the vacuum pump in order of nearest to the servo first then working away from it. The first three corners went well enough, apart from a small puddle of fluid on the front nearside wheel where I had forgotten to tighten the pipe nut up then had me crawling around checking them all convinced I must be getting early onset dementia, and left me thinking what a good investment I had made but would the last and furthest corner bleed through??? No it would not.

After an hour of more right hand action than my wrist has seen in years I threw in the towel and dug out my old bleeding pipe with the non return valve on the end and the last stubborn corner was finished air free with a firm brake pedal and a huge smile on my face!

The brake pads were then adjusted up properly and I went and grabbed some lunch. As the day was going so well and I had a couple of hours to kill before having to meet one of the many daughters for an evening meal I thought I would whip off the old rotten exhaust. This too went really well with old rusty nuts giving in to my spanners at the first hurdle and the three nuts on the exhaust manifold played as well! What a day I was having this really is superb!

The rear and mid sections fell off no worries that just left the front section. This is still stuck under the bloody car. Can I get the damned thing out? Nope its still out there laughing at me. I need to jack the front of the motor up alot more to get the damned thing out and the new section in, oh that and an angle grinder. Im chopping the old one out first because it has a bad attitude has been laughing at me and just needs teaching a lesson, by “teaching a lesson” I mean I am going to kick its head in cut it into small pieces and bury it on the allotments out back.

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