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Well that was shits and giggles from the start. “Change the brake pipes” I thought “how hard can it be” I thought “I mean its only nuts on the end of pipe so should be done in a couple of hours.”

Try all bloody day from breakfast until the light went out of the sky. I bought a kit because I am lazy and it would save cutting and flaring the pipe but I am so very glad I did because if it took me all day to fit the ready made stuff I would have been there a week building the pipes as well.

It started ok with the rear pipes coming off easily enough and the new pipe going on. It was at this early stage though that I realised that each of the pipes had been cut a little bit longer than was needed and this would prove a pain later on the longer bits when I had to be inventive in bending it in such a way that I could lose some of the length into gaps where it wouldnt get ripped off when I am off road.

So the back done and the long pipe from front to back bent into places I tackled the front brakes. The flexi hose were shot so I decided they had to be replaced.

Came of easy enough.

The new hose went on no problem along with the new pipe from hose to drums but when I came to fitting the link pipe from the top of the drum to the bottom I realised I had made a mistake…it is almost impossible to fit the bottom of the link pipe to the bottom brake calliper with the calliper fitted to the back plate.
Off came the newly fitted pads and then the calliper removed so I could feed the pipe through the back plate screw it in place then refit all snug and tidy.

The only other issue I had was the master brake cylinder. This must either be an odd military spec one or the pipe kit had the wrong screw fitting on one pipe end because the screw/nut that goes into my master cylinder closest to the front of the motor is a larger size. Seems a bit odd but hey what do I know and luckily these front two pipes were the only ones that were any good so I took them off and gave them a clean up before refitting. Of course one of the screw ends did not want to go back where it had come from for a good twenty minutes but two skinned knuckles and a few new kick dents in place all is well.

The following picture is of my drip tray…..

Now this is a fantastic bit of kit for when you are draining oils out of anything and for any leaks you have going on and this one was doing just this when I backed up under the Landy bending pipework into place whilst simultaneously dipping th eback of my skull into it. With an oily skull I jerked upwards into the chassis with my forehead then back down hard into the concrete driveway with my wet skull both cracking it hard and collecting plenty of rusty dust and general dirt.

I love rebuilding my Landy at times and at other times I wonder what the hell I have started….

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