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I have changed…long gone are the days of boozing heavily getting up and starting again the next lunchtime. Last night I had 3 pints of Hobgoblin a bottle of Budweiser and a shot of something green. I am glad I stopped there because my backside stinks worse than a rotting dog and this morning I am teetering on the edge of having a hangover and that’s enough of a reminder that I don’t like them very much. Also what is with not being able to sleep properly when you have had more than a couple of drinks? Is it just me or does everyone else have this happen as well? I am a grown up now or just a proper lightweight?

I will stick to my bottle of beer and cheeky vodka on a weekend evening from now on but the reason for a few extra’s was it was the mother in laws surprise 60th Birthday party. It was that much of a surprise I didnt know about it until yesterday morning but according to the Wifey she told me weeks ago. The reasons I was a bit miffed about it were the fact I didnt want to go and we were supposed to be off out with the Nottingham Land Rover Club for a bonfire and play away off road…bloody family lol.

Today is a free pass day though so I get to go and try to finish my brakes off but I wanted to do a quick update on parts bought and sold. I managed to sell the two way tank switch for a nice sum and I bought a new exhaust system, flexi hose pipes and a proper number plate light. Below are the latest figures and I will update later about how many brake pipes I ruined changing the over later!

Landy Project Costs

Land Rover £375

Sanding Discs £11.70

Ignition Barrel £20

Heritage letter £21.75

2x Batteries and rear 1/4 light £35

Pair Battery Terminal Clamps £3.99

Floor pan nuts & bolts £6.50

Grinding disc £2.25

Under Seal £8.99

Complete set of lights £85

5 Litres Primer £24.99

4 Discovery Wheels £10.20

Rear Door £21.00

Front Door £20.00

Handbrake spring £1.50

2 Discovery wheels

Two seatbelts

Wing Mirror

2 Headlight surrounds

2 headlight frames £60

2 Front Doors £60

Nato Green Paint £36

Rear Window Seal and insert £9.99

Wiring connectors £3.00

2 tins of silver metal paint £7.00

Fuses & Sandpaper £4.50

5x tins black spray £5.00

5x more tins black spray £5.00

Clutch fluid

Exhaust putty

WD40 £8.49

Car Boot Bits £13

Front & rear shocks £59.45

Front & rear brake rebuild kits £81.62

Fuel tank & filler £40

Wheels complete with tyres £250

Fuel pump

Fuel hose

Indicator stalk

Bonnet strap

Brake switch

Fuel pump gasket

Fuel line clips £67.74

24v Wiper motor

24v flasher relay

24v heater

24v front loom

oil cooler

Door tops x2

Rear bench seat £67.50

Roof rack £100

Wheel nuts £8

Brake pipe kit £39

Wheels & Tyres £250

Exhaust System & Flexi hose pipes £66

Number plate light £5


TOTAL £1414.16

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