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I’ve been looking forward to today all week. It was the one morning that I had nothing booked in and no chores to run so it was to be time to put the brakes back together.

I woke up to the sound of pouring rain hitting the bedroom window so plans had o change. I admit I was feeling a bit peeved to say the least as the prospect of getting over another milestone on the old project was appealing but seeing as I have no garage to work in I am at the mercy of mother nature and as much as I would like to make her do differently she is a fickle mistress who will do as she pleases.

The ran passed by nine thirty but the driveway was soaked so no lying on it for today but I then remembered I had a load of electrical bits to be sorting out on it as seeing as most of that is inside I grabbed my babygrow and hopped in.

After looking at the fuse box last week I ordered a new one because the corrosion was pretty bad on the contacts.

It didn’t look any better when I had taken all of the wiring off so I think I made the right call here!

Obviously I have taken pictures to make sure I put the wiring back in the right place and not cause myself any unnecessary headaches but the shiny new one looked good before putting it on.

All surprisingly went well and with everything refitted I had a check through to see if it had cured any issues at all…it had! The wipers now work and I am hoping the washers will too once they are refitted as its the same button (I think but im probably wrong!) To say such a simple noise form a motor and a simple action such as the rotten old wipers smearing themselves across the screen can bring such a feeling of happiness is very very true….it felt like Christmas and I felt like a proper mechanic right up until I checked out the indicators on the near side. They still were not working.

SO I set to work changing over the indicator relay that had turned up in a box of bits that I bought a few weeks back and had been living down south in my Dads shed until I collected them yesterday. It made no difference at all the light sat there doing nothing and taunting me silently…”I am no mechanic” I thought as the euphoria of getting the wipers working faded away.

Out came the trusty multimeter I bought some time back and with apprehension I tested the bulb holder wiring both front and back. There was power to the back one so I checked it over cleaned it up and put the bulb back in place…let there be light!

One down and one to go….the front one didn’t want to play but I managed to figure out there was power up until where the wires joined for the holder but none after it. Connections checked and still nothing happening so I delved into my box of spares and pulled out a spare bulb holder wired it up and it worked!!!!!!!!! Drilling out the rivets holding on the old one was a quick and easy affair along with fitting the replacement. Indication is no longer a problem for me nor is the hazard warning for the many times I will undoubtedly be broken down on the roadside!

The fog lights just will not play though. I only get a faint reading of power anywhere on the circuit so that will be solved either by the excellent advice I get on the forums or by removing the lights and switch altogether as they are not a legal requirement on a 1983 motor.

I cant find the horn either? It was getting dark but im buggered if I can see it??? Still another job for another day. All in all a good day in dragging my Landy back to life!

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