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The strangest memory popped into my head this morning t was one of those things you notice when you are out and about think to yourself “that’s a bit odd” but carry on with whatever task you were doing at the time.

It was at work on Wednesday evening and the heavens had opened up. The rain was coming down sideways and I was dropping a trailer onto a bay when I say a driver come out of the building covering his BALD head with a bit of A4 paper while running toward his truck. What’s odd about that you ask? well break it down.

He was trying to protect his head with an A4 sized bit of paper now lets face it you are not going to be covering up much with that are you?

Oh and he was as BALD as a baby’s backside. He could have casually strolled through a waterfall and only would have had to wipe his hand over his shiny dome to dry it!

Maybe it was some built in primal instinct to cover his full and funky locks from days gone by who knows.

OK then My project is coming along nicely so it was time to look at the electrics and here is what we have going on.

The Front headlights and side lights work just fine.

The indicators only work on the off side.

The hazards only work on the offside.

The rear side lights only work on the offside.

Fog lights don’t work at all.

The horn, wipers and washers don’t work.

have taken the dash off and there is this wire just floating about looking like it should be attached somewhere…

The fuse box looks past its best if I am honest with corrosion on the terminals and if you move it around the dash instruments work then don’t then do!

The pile of freshly cooked spaghetti behind the dash looks like its going to be great fun! I am learning as I go here on the electrical front on Land rovers and its looking like it will be a steep curve!

I have pleaded for help across a few forums so I will update as and when I make any sort of headway.

As for those of you who re thinking to themselves “hang on I thought he was doing the brakes?” you are right and yes I am but I’m a bit stuck until the new pipework arrives next week so I thought I would give myself a stroke by pretending to be a sparky for the morning!

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