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I had bought tickets to go to a Medieval Fair at Nottingham Castle today for me and my youngest as Wifey was off first thing to a Spa for a fiends birthday. Well my daughter dumped me at the first chance to go away on holiday for a week with my parents I mean who would rather go away with their grandparents to be spoilt rotten for a week when you could go for a few hours to look at folk dressed up like jesters and the like eh?

I’m glad she went because the Fair was bloody awful. Don’t get me wrong here there was a lot of effort put into by the “players” and if you were seven or under it would have been a spellbinding place I am sure but as an adult it was, lets say, cringe worthy. Each to their own.

Luckily the castle, which is well worth a visit at any time you are passing, was holding a large display in the gallery about The Great War and its effects on the local folk who both fought in it and those lefty behind here. I am just going to take a moment here and say we owe so very much to those lads that fought and died in the most awful of surrounds. We owe al of our forces both now and then our way of life and our luxuries thank you just doesn’t seem enough does it?

After a couple of hours milling about I forced a KFC down my neck for lunch (be rude not to while in town) ad headed home to see if I could finish those pads off on the last three corners. I have to look at brakes that way “the last three” because I do hate doing the spiteful bloody things.

I went for a change in tactics today because I knew the clocks are going back tonight so not as much light later in the day to play and the fact Wifey will be back around lunchtime to spoil/tell me about her pampering stuff. It will have something to do with hot stones and massage I am sure but what I am not so sure about is that it all sounds like a list of what’s available at the local whore house.

So first I finished off the back brakes and this all went rather swimmingly. I plugged myself into my music, this is a first for me whilst working on the landy but I fancied a change, and set to removing the front wheel and old brakes along with the cylinders. An elderly gentleman walked past looking me directly in the face and grinning wildly which seems a bit odd but we live in a city and there are a few odd balls about.

The front brakes have the twin cylinders so this made the job of refitting the pads a lot easier as you only have to battle on spring at a time instead of the two on the back end. Time for a change of album on the phone and the wheel went back on.

A couple of spotty teenagers walked past staring at me and grinning away…again bloody odd twice in a row but maybe they think I look daft in my bandana you know with me being over twenty one and all.

The last corner beckoned so I delved in full of confidence at how easy this was going to be because I had worked out a couple of tricks on how to slide the pads in using a large screwdriver. New album and a bit of country music this time always good for making you feel happy. So moving my head in time to the music I notice a mum and her kids walking past me staring away and smiling like Cheshire cats so this is getting creepy now. I have been working on the Landy how long? and no one has ever walked past staring away at me and looking at me like I am the funniest looking ape in the zoo so surely there must be something daft on my face? A quick check in the door mirror proves nothings wrong just a devilishly handsome chap staring back so the last brakes get my attention again.

The new cylinders fitted, on auto pilot because I’m good at this now, but something looked amiss.

Spot the mistake?

Yep fitted the bloody things backwards. Not just the top mind when I should have noticed it but the bottom as well! The suns out and the country mix has me tapping away so no bother just undo all the nuts and change them around again.

Chucked the new pads on and it looks much better.

Tidy up time and a lad in his mid twenties walks past mostly looking down with a smirk on his face and the odd furtive glance my way and I have to say people are starting to piss me off now because not only are they rude but the next who smirks or grins at me like a nut job is going to get a serious amount of abuse.

I throw my tools in the back of the Landy and spend ten minutes just taping up a few wires and fitting an inline fuel filter. Then As I walk up the side of my house my neighbour is stood there smiling like a nut job at me so enough is enough and I pull out my head phones and say to him “Why are you smiling at me like you havejust taken all the bloody happy pills? Loads of people have been all day and its starting to piss me right off” to which he replies without missing a beat…

“It’s your singing voice chap, very dulcet tone indeed and an all afternoon performance for free!”

Apparently he is going to copy me in on the videos of it going up on you tube.

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