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Time to make a start on the brakes I just couldn’t put it off any longer.

Brakes are not my favourite job on any project because its the one thing that always seems to throw up more issues and problems than I want or expect.

So I dug out the drum rebuild kits and decided on the off side rear drum would be my first victim. No reason why just looked like a good place start.

Wheel off drum off ok and the old rusty brake inners came into the light to say hello.

The rusty springs and old pads didn’t take much getting off.

Now the brake pipes were another matter! You know I said something ALWAYS goes wrong well the pipe nut on the back of the cylinder rounded off on the first turn.

The metal had gone soft which is a shame because I thought the pipes would be ok and not need replacing but after a good luck and scrape it turns out about half of them are past their best. Hey ho I have learnt not to panic over such things and just get on with sorting them now but I will replace all of the pipework from front to back.

I had to undo the brake pipe at the union on the axle taking off the extra fittings to slide out the cylinder.

The new brake pads and cylinder were duly dropped in. Sounds easy eh? was it buggery! The hooks on the springs were too long but a quick grind got them o the right length and made fitting them a bit easier. I fitted the base spring first because well they are awkward fitting from behind the pads when they are on the drums.

One corner done and only three more to go. I bloody hate brakes.

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