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Wifey at work the kids at school and yet another cheeky day off at home for me so after the chaos of the past few weeks I actually got to don my babygrow and get near the landy.

My aim for the day was to get the fuel filler cap installed in place so I can actually put petrol in from the outside of the motor! I have been pestering folk for measurements of where their filler cap holes were (I originally typed “where their holes are” but after reading it back thought best to change it to spare myself some ridicule!) so when I chopped into the side of my landy the filler cap would be in the right place without a massive hole poking out from the edges… lets face it a big hole can spoil anyone’s day.

The tape measure went out and in up and down until I was satisfied I had got it in the right place then came out the drill.

I thought it was best to start out with a small hole and work my way up from there until I got the dimensions just tight…I mean right!

The first hole was a bit tight…

But I managed to stretch it out so I could get the sides of the framework in.

Once a snug fit was achieved I riveted it into place and fitted the main and overspill pipework in place. A quick couple of coats of paintwork later I managed to get the cap in and I have to say the results are quite impressive!

The only extra thing I had to get was an extra jubilee clip to keep the pipework in place next to the tank.

It looks like it was supposed to be in there all along now.

Another job ticked off of the list along with a bit of a wink toward this old motors heritage applied in the form of the old tyre pressure psi painted back above the wheels on the arches.

The next job will be the brake system as the parts are sitting wanting in the shed to be fitted. The plan was to do some more in the morning before work but if the weather folk are to be believed I don’t think sitting outside on the driveway playing with brakes would be a good idea!

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