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They say time flies and it really does in what seems like a blink of the eye I have arrived upon the eve of going away to The Outward Bound Trust in wales that I was raising money for a while back.

When they asked for volunteers it was on a nice spring day with the promise of a superb summer to follow so I said yes but has anyone else noticed it turned a bit bloody chilly this week and I will be spending most of next week either on a Welsh mountainside or in some sort of river bay or pond…

So this morning was spent buying the local Yeomans out of thermal under wear and woolly socks! Im looking forward to helping these kids out but im buggered if I will spend any more time than needs be being freezing cold and wet! Bought a few extra bits as well just in case the kids coming don’t have the luxury of such things.

SO with this and the daft 12 hour days if the past few weeks the Landy has been a bit neglected with a pile of parts in the shed waiting to go on and a job left half finished but after next week I will have the time to dive back in and get a load more work done to it.

Give me a week and I will be boring the pants off of you all again after I have come home and defrosted first.

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