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Well today is my birthday and its the big 4-1, perhaps I should now rename the blog just turned 41 but it really doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Anyway I can hand on heart say it has, so far, been the best birthday I have had in years! A new laptop (how very extravagant!) proper ales in bottles, slippers and chocolate to put Thonton’s to shame BUT there was on extra bonus that I had to pay for myself but it was worth it!

The last but best present was a full length roof rack with ladder for the Landy at a cost of £100 delivered!

The chaps who dropped it off helped me pop it onto the project as well which saved me some stress of trying to put it on myself and the results are pretty good as well!

That’s all I can get in today as I need to get ready to be dragged out to a restaurant for a slap up meaty mal and a few real ales to boot. It’s a dirty job but I will try to persevere!

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