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A proper day off today and as it turns out it was my wedding anniversary…whoops. Now luckily I was up very early because of the daft hours im working and downstairs I found a card from Wifey to me. Soooo I quickly headed out to “walk the dog” before she woke up and actually found a decnt bunch of flowers at the petrol station up the road along with a blank card to write in! I mean what are the odds of finding both at the local BP? talk about luck on my side!

So with Wifey happy when she woke up we headed off into Derbyshire to have a hunt around a carboot/market and lunch out in the park at Matlock. While we were sitting there it came to my attention what shite parenting goes on in the world. There was a women screaming at a two year old that he was a waste of space and needed to wlk faster, a Dad looking more at his phone while his kid was doing his best to drown himself in the river but the cream de le cream were the parents that were just smiling at their daughter who just kept screaming at the top of her voice and this was a scream that could break glass over a ten minute period because she wanted an ice cream.

Now when I was a kid I got a slap if I stood out of line, if my parents weren’t there to do it any other adult that was kicking around would happily stand in and give you a slap if you were being a shit. I have slapped my own kids on the very rare occasion it has been needed and they have turned out to be ok with no mental scars but we seem to have the first generation that was raised without punishments for their actions now having their own kids whilst having no clue what to do to discipline them. Honestly it takes everything I have inme not to first walk up to the latest little shits and tell them off whilst slapping their parents at the same time.

Still enough of my griping Wifey decided she was going to hoover the car out so I had a window of twenty minutes to do something Landy related but what can you do in that time without getting filthy?

The answer is gators. Two gators one on the handbrake and one on the 4wd knob.

Easy enough to do just whip out the screws take off the old gators and refit!

The old gators were past their best!

Then the hoover went quiet so playtime was over. Next job will be to finish the fuel pipe cap bit on the bodywork at some point over the next couple of weeks.

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