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Have you ever been volunteered for a job at work and you think “yea why not it will make a change and a few extra quid” then as soon as you started doing that job thought “Why in Gods name did I say I would do this?” Well that’s where I am at now.]

12 hours a day 6 days a week seemed like a great idea bringing in extra cash but the actual job is mind numbing as hell! Basically I am a traffic director whilst a massive area outside of the biggest warehouse we have is being re tarmacked so I get to argue with outside drivers that they cant park their trucks there and basically puch people around to keep the flow of trailers moving….I would rather be hung up by my pubic hair on the nearest light bulb than do the next two weeks I have left on it!

But there was a silver lining as we finished phase one within a couple hours of arriving at work this morning so I promptly ran off home before I could be found some other mind numbing chore for me to do by those folk in the offices that all they seem to do is compare job titles and measure each others dicks!

So onto the landy as soon as I got home with the unexpected extra time I had in the day. I decided on rebuilding the fuel system that I stripped out last time I had any time on the old girl. First was to remove the old fuel pump that was caked up with some sort of fuzz and cobwebs.

The fuel lines were brittle as hell so getting them out wasn’t a problem.

Two bolts that hold the fuel pump on cam off no problem and to my surprise there was no gasket behind it so it may of rotted away or not been there to start with but it made cleaning the face up for a good fit of the new pump easy.

I popped the pump on and then fitted new brake line front to back but discovered that the flexi hose that connects to the carb was perished but does it have to have that? Is it going to cause me any great problems without it? I shall be asking around to see but fitting it later wont be a problem.

Then it was onto fitting the 88″ fuel tank. Apart from cutting a hole in the floor for the filler to come out of it wasn’t really a problem apart from the fact that if you don’t have a large high jack, two pairs of hands or the use of the force you will struggle to do this by yourself.

Having said that the lovely ladies of my home just looked at me like I had asked if they would clean the front driveway with their tongues when I asked for a helping hand so I went and dug out my big jack, my spare set of hands, quickly read up on my jedi mind powers and got stuck in. After 20 minutes of mild foul language dropping tools when I really could have done without doing so and a couple of trapped fingers later the tank was in.

I connected the fuel pipe then looked at the wiring from the twin tanks realising I had not marked or taken any notice of what two wires I would need to plug back in for the fuel gauge to work called myself a few derogatory names and added it to my list of what I must find out as well as finding out where the fuel filler cap should be so it works and connects to the tank as its supposed to.

After a quick tidy around, the driveway was starting to look like a jumble sale with tools and rubbish strewn all over the place, I decided to fit the new brake switch. It wasn’t too hard but I did have to slacken off the top nuts on the brake servo in order to remove the old and fit the new brake switch.

After some fiddling around I actually got the brake lights to work! That’s one set of lights on the rear of the motor that actually do!!

There was one troubling thing I did notice while crawling around under the landy and that was maybe a couple of bolts might be missing from what I think is the clutch housing…could be something else mind but Im learning as I go here but they are missing in the following pics if anyone can shed any light on it…

So another pleasant afternoon spent pottering about when I should have been working which has made it so much more enjoyable

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