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A full weekend off is a rare treat these days as work in the modern world takes no distinction from the days of the week.

Our plans for the day were to head off into Derbyshire on the motorbike as we were kid free as well for a change which gives us a chance to be Nick & Lian again instead of Muuuum and Daaad but as I opened my eyes I knew that Autumn was coming and long with it a batch of new bugs to have a go at the system.

I felt like someone had removed me from my slumber during the night taking me outside placing me in the middle of the road just in time for the nearest bus to hit me.

Sore throat sick stomach and a pounding head…not a good mix for a day on the bike. Wifey soon awoke as well complaining of the same and I knew she must be ill because she was awake and up before 9am on a weekend day off.

I am not one for sitting about and feeling sorry for myself when a bug hits home in fact I have dragged myself to work more than once when feeling bad only to be turned around as soon as I got there by the staff quoting some health and safety bull about driving when you look like crap! so seeing as the sun was out and the kids had done a fine job of buggering off we popped out to a car boot sale where I picked up a towball, bottle jack and a water container for the Landy for the grand sum on £5.40. Should be useful on trips out!

When we got home Wifey collapsed on the sofa and I have to say I was tempted to join her but the weather was good and I thought a potter on the project was a good idea. I decided to see how hard it was to sort the shock absorbers.

The front ones were pretty rusty..

I set to taking the split pin out which came ok considering how long its been there and was still in a usable condition. The top bolts came out no bother at all.

Now folk have been telling me that when you fit a new front shock its a bitch to get the pin back in because the new rubbers need compressing so much and the ideas and tools folk had made made the mind boggle!

I found it was just easy to first clamp on side down with a g clamp tp put the pin in and then clamp the other side and push the split pin through.

Looks better with the new shock in place 🙂

I was still feeling ok-ish so I tackeled the other side as well!

Then onto the back ones. These were a bit more of a pain because the rust was so bad on the back ones.

I ended up having to grind them off but please take note here and be mindful of the axle straps because if you don’t you will end up having to buy new ones…

I fitted the new shock no bother and again it looks good under there 🙂

I did the other side to but I then admitted defeat to the bugs in my body. The rest of the day will be spent eating chocolate drinking tea and maybe a strong bit of something medicinal later on this evening.

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