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I haven’t really had a chance to do much this past week because of the way the wonderful new shift pattern falls at work to include Saturdays. This shift pattern is so good it is already failing leaving trunks with no drivers at all times of the day and we did point this out before it was implemented but we were just “moaning drivers who don’t like change”.

Don’t get me wrong we are moaning drivers and we don’t like any sort of change especially if it includes making us work weekends but we are not thick and we can see what’s in front of our faces even if the kids fresh out of Uni with a bit of paper that says they are transport managers cannot. Bless em 22 years old and know it all, they can’t drive a truck everywhere is half an inch away on a map “Birmingham to Carlise only an hour or so” and still struggle to find their own asses whilst Mummy does their washing because they still live at home with mounting students debts BUT we drivers are the thickos with no idea…you have to laugh!

Still enough moaning I have had a chance to spray up the old Jerry can I bought in my specially designed spray booth…

It’s come up quite well I think. I did consider using some of my left over nato green paint but then found out I did have any paint brushes so a black spray can that was kicking around it was!

Land Rovers are like buses and I have been offered two more in the last few days but after much thinking and worrying and cursing to myself I decided to buy one. The first an 88″ had been sold and the second a 109″ was in being stored in Lancaster so that put an end to that. For the best really as I have come too far with this old motor to get distracted now!

I’m making a list of parts I need for the Land Rover Show in Peterborough in a week or so and the primary bits will be the rest of the brake system rebuild along with a couple of nice defender seats that I will find for a tenner….oh no that was a dream I had last night.

A weekend off is looming so hopefully I can get a bit of the brake rebuild started.

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