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Have you seen the weather out there today? It’s glorious! The sun is shining in a clear blue cloudless sky. Can you imagine having this sort of day to do as you please no work a days holiday booked, I can imagine it and I can also tick most of those boxes but my there is some fuss on in the house today because my eldest daughter is turning 18.

You would think that it was an important event the way they are all going in this house and the fallout that is coming from me posting this picture on her facebook page is unbelievable!

Cant see what the problem is myself?

Anyway the best thing about today is that the women in my household do like a lie in when they get the chance (lazy gits really) so I walked the dog and then got stuck into having a look at my number plate light housing. The old one was a bit broken and rusty.

First I had to remove the protective cover cunningly held on by a single 8mm nut

This exposed the back of the old housing so a quick turn of a couple of nuts

and its off with the old

then on with the new part. I did think about replacing this with a genuine Land Rover part but after costing it all up and deciding that that small mortgage could wait for another day I “acquired” the bit I fitted from a mechanic friend for the price of a cup of tea…that I made with his stuff 😉

I did have to drill a new hole but hey that’s a small price to pay for saving some cash.

just need to fill that little hole and touch up the paint work and all is good.

Well apparently we are going out for brunch I have just been told and there is some threat of shopping going on as well god help me. Why oh why could I not have had a whole brood of sons?

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