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A change in work hours has put a stop to yet more of the pottering enjoyment of life but hey the plus side is that I get to see Wifey a bit more during the week…apparently.

But today I arose from my slumber a little earlier so went and got the swimming training out of the way with all of the sporty set at the local pool rather than the old gits I normally have a paddle with. You wouldn’t think that there would be a designer war on how to look good when walking along the poolside to get in but it seems there is. These “Sporty” clowns have the most expensive budgie smugglers that money can buy along with reflective tinted swimming goggles. I mean why would you need reflective bloody swimming goggles in an indoor pool?? I just smirked to myself and got my 40 lengths in and walked off in a strutting manor posing my £3.99 shorts form Tesco.

So after getting home and dragging the dog out for a quick walk I set to getting the Landy started again to see if the clutch would engage seeing as there seemed to be so much play in it. Of course the old wreck wouldn’t start and upon further inspection it seemed all of the fuel had run back into the tanks so I suppose there is a hole somewhere in the fuel lines or fuel pump gaskets that needs sorting but I am not going to bugger about with it for about £50 I am just going to replace the lot and be done with it!

I have been toying with changing over to a single fuel tank instead of the twins ones so maybe its a sign to just get on with it.

I managed to get the fuel back through and the engine running and to my happiness and amazement the clutch engages perfectly fine and the wheel spin nicely so that’s a plus for the day. The axles will want a good service as well as the gear & transfer box but I will get to these eventually.

I then set to the clutch pedal as there was about 3″ of movement before pressure and I started with the Haynes manual for a quick read and it pointed me in the direction of a nut on the outside of the master cylinder cage.

Literally a couple of turns in and it sorted the pedal play right out! So the clutch now works and the pedal feels like it should do.

So for a spare hour not a bad amount done and with this coming Monday off and Wifey at work providing the weather holds it should be a playing day!

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