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Digging around in my shed last week I came across the Military lights that I took off of the Landy as well as some old bike brake pads that I bought many moons ago so I thought I may as well chuck them on fleabay to see what happens.

It amazes me that folk will pay more for second hand parts, the lights, because they are original than what they would cost to buy a newer replacement copy set. Those old rusty lights and I do not lie on my descriptions they were listed as rusty and replaced went for £41 to a chap in Italy who then had to pay £20 to have them posted!

I know they are original and I do get the point of when restoring a vehicle you would like to use as many original bits as you can but bugger me its going to cost over £100 all in with the repairs that need doing to those light frames and bowls which is a price way to steep for a tight arse like me!

The bike brake pads went for £15 as well so I put the money to good use buying replacement shocks for the old Landy. Cheaper end shocks admittedly but far better than the rusty crap that’s already on the old girl and perfectly priced for a miserly git like me.

Maybe I should pop them on Ebay when they are changed over to see if anyone wants to buy them?

Landy Project Costs

Land Rover £375

Sanding Discs £11.70

Ignition Barrel £20

Heritage letter £21.75

2x Batteries and rear 1/4 light £35

Pair Battery Terminal Clamps £3.99

Floor pan nuts & bolts £6.50

Grinding disc £2.25

Under Seal £8.99

Complete set of lights £85

5 Litres Primer £24.99

4 Discovery Wheels £10.20

Rear Door £21.00

Front Door £20.00

Handbrake spring £1.50

2 Discovery wheels

Two seatbelts

Wing Mirror

2 Headlight surrounds

2 headlight frames £60

2 Front Doors £60

Nato Green Paint £36

Rear Window Seal and insert £9.99

Wiring connectors £3.00

2 tins of silver metal paint £7.00

Fuses & Sandpaper £4.50

5x tins black spray £5.00

5x more tins black spray £5.00

Clutch fluid

Exhaust putty

WD40 £8.49

Car Boot Bits £13

Front & rear shocks £59.45

TOTAL £918.30

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