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Today is the first day of six days off and I don’t have to go on holiday with the Wife and kids or do anything in particular in fact I am just going to please my bloody self until I am told to do differently. The best thing is Wifey is at work until the weekend so I really do have a few days to myself!

Following on from blacking up the wheels I thought I would spray the bumpers black as well. So after a trip to the shops to buy some more paint I set to cleaning down and spraying up the front bumper….and it rained.

Not to be put off or have a bit of water ruin my good holiday mood I thought outside of the box…

and painted it in the greenhouse! The veg might taste a bit well paintish but that’s just the new type of veg I am growing.

As I looked at the rear bumperettes I decided that spraying them in situ was a bad idea as there was a bit of a breeze and quite frankly I couldn’t be arsed to take them off just to change the colour so I headed for a nose around in the shed. I came up with some black hammerite that was abandoned at the back of a shelf and there was just enough to give three good coats.

They have come out quite well. I did look at the Nato hitch but I am pretty sure that I am going to change it for a ball so I can drag a shed behind me when we go away for off road weekends so it was given a miss this time around.

By now the front bumper had dried so I set to digging out the new bolts and offering it up to the Landy. I remember it being a pain to get off and because it has a bit of a bend in it the nearside did take some “adjusting” with a hammer and pair of grips to get it on right. Then of course the bolts wouldn’t drop down but after a couple of scuffed knuckles and some choice language from me they went in.

Then came fitting the washers and the nuts. For this may I recommend bribing a small child to put them on because if you have fingers the size of sausages like myself you have no hope! In the end, and I am being serious here, I had to balance the nut and washer on the end of the ring spanner then feed t into the gap and try to get the threads to bite. So back to choice words and more blood but they all eventually went on and the results look better than I thought they would.

At this point in the proceedings I decided I wanted a roast dinner and a cup of tea so I took half an hour off to get all of that in motion because I AM on holiday and whats wrong with a Wednesday roast?

Then onto the brake system. If you remember I had some luck with the transmission brake but I didn’t hold my breath on that luck lasting. Todays job was just to free off all of the brake adjusters so in I went with the WD40 and to my surprise I had the right imperial spanner for the adjuster 1/2.

On the front drums the adjuster was toward the bottom of the back plate and they both just freed off and started moving winding the pads back nicely.

On the back drums the adjuster is toward the upper part of the back plate

I jacked up each end to make sure the wheels/drums moved freely enough ready for a strip down inspection.

The inspection will be later on as there is also a problem with the servo or master cylinder.

I then changed a few of the old fuses for new ones

and I have a few spares if you need any!!

That will do for today because the roast is nearly done and it smells gorgeous!!

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