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Remember how I was bragging a few posts ago about how I found a nice cheap Wilkinson alternative to Hammerite? Well ignore because the Wilko stuff is utter crap! It’s like trying to paint water onto metal with the colour of cold tea regardless of what the colour is supposed to be on the tin.

So that was a waste of money but hey ho at least it didn’t rain on me whilst I was playing with the stuff. Luckily I had a tin of silver spray kicking about and being the impatient bugger I am I decided to blow over the spare wheel I had with it before fitting it to the Landy to A) see what it looked like and B) actually get the poor old girl up on four wheels that had air in them giving me a little more room to get underneath etc.

Now that its on the Landy I don’t know whether I want silver wheels at all. Maybe its because I have got used to the dirty mixed coulours of they existing wheels or maybe this wheel is just too silver. Maybe a darker matt silver would look better or maybe black? But Black might be too dark….bloody hell listen to me its only a set of wheels colour and most of the time they should be covered up in mud if I use it right!

What do you lot think then?

Maybe they will grow on me and they will look a lot better with chunkier tyres on. Doesn’t really matter for now as I don’t have any more spray so I can take some time to think about it.

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