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Over the last couple of days I am sure someone has been hiding in the trees opposite my house just waiting for me to start doing anything that is linked to the Land Rover and when I do he turns on the water.

Yesterday I got out the clutch master cylinder and just had time to check that it was the correct part before it started to rain.

Today I decided to get on with painting the replacement wheels. Having been caught out yesterday I had a look up into the sky and thought to myself “ok it’s cloudy but doesn’t look dark enough for rain”. I proceeded to go and get changed into some old kit that I can get paint on without Wifey giving an earful on how I always manage to wreck my clothing and grabbed the key to my shed to get the paint out.

All good so far! So I rummaged around to find an old paint brush and after a few minutes had the brush and paint in hand just in time to hear the start of loud patters on the shed roof!

That was the end of that idea because there is no way I can paint six Land Rover wheels in my 8×6 shed.

So I came indoors and ordered some sand paper and new fuses for the old girl online instead. Hopefully a bit more luck tomorrow or maybe I can sneak out without that chap in the bushes noticing me.

Landy Project Costs

Land Rover £375

Sanding Discs £11.70

Ignition Barrel £20

Heritage letter £21.75

2x Batteries and rear 1/4 light £35

Pair Battery Terminal Clamps £3.99

Floor pan nuts & bolts £6.50

Grinding disc £2.25

Under Seal £8.99

Complete set of lights £85

5 Litres Primer £24.99

4 Discovery Wheels £10.20

Rear Door £21.00

Front Door £20.00

Handbrake spring £1.50

2 Discovery wheels

Two seatbelts

Wing Mirror

2 Headlight surrounds

2 headlight frames £60

2 Front Doors £60

Nato Green Paint £36

Rear Window Seal and insert £9.99

Wiring connectors £3.00

2 tins of silver metal paint £7.00

Fuses & Sandpaper £4.50

TOTAL £827.36

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